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Ginger Tanner (current Board Member)


I have been a resident of Windsor Village for forty years and have seen many changes over these years. One of the wonderful things about this special neighborhood is the sense of community.  I would like to see Windsor Village retain this sense of community and the quality of the neighborhood and its environment.

To that end, I joined the Windsor Village Association Board six years ago. I served as secretary for four of those years. I would like to renew my term on the board to continue to work for the betterment of the community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bruce Beiderwell


My newness to Windsor Village can be marked by how long people tend to stay in the neighborhood once they land.  In November of 2016 my wife Ivna Gusmao and I became the third owners of a home that was built in 1922.   We hope to put in many years before there is a fourth owner.


I wasn’t though a stranger to the area.  The stretch from Fairfax to Western and between Pico and Beverly always seemed to me the heart of the city.  I’ve lived in Los Angeles almost without interruption since I was 18.  Most of the early years were in Palms or thereabouts.  Later, Ivna and I, in a search for an affordable home, moved to the western edge of Woodland Hills and later to Sherman Oaks. Through all the years we had friends in apartments or homes just off Olympic, in Park La Brea, Windsor Square, and even one friend in Windsor Village proper.  Living in this area was something long desired and now much appreciated by both of us.   


UCLA was for me the one constant through all those years.  Once there, I stayed.  First as an undergraduate, then a graduate student, then a lecturer in the Writing Programs, and finally, the last 17 years of my UCLA career as Director of Writing Programs.   I retired in 2017 and other than a brief call back in 2019 to help the program through a transition to a new director, I’ve mainly kept away.  While I loved my work, the call back reinforced the feeling that my time to move on had arrived. 

The 5 years we’ve been in our house have been marked of course by the pandemic.  The closing down of the world turned Ivna’s passion for gardening into a nearly full-time job.  I’ve been perhaps less productive, but I have greatly appreciated walks in the area along with the hellos and short conversations with neighbors that come with those walks.  Before and in the early days of the pandemic, I wrote a regular column (“Books and Places”) for the Larchmont Chronicle and I also provided an occasional piece for the Larchmont Buzz.   I haven’t done much for either publication recently, but my interest in the neighborhood hasn’t diminished.  I love the varied development represented here: condos, apartments of varied vintages, large and small houses, duplexes and such.  In some ways, the mixture achieved here haphazardly suggests ways neighborhoods can be planned to grow in the future.


I’d appreciate the chance to contribute to the health of the neighborhood through the Windsor Village Association. 


Stephanie Shim


I have lived around Greater Wilshire over the past decade, originally from Sherman Oaks and Calabasas. I have family in Hancock Park and we've had a history of working with the surrounding community through Lions Club. I adore the neighborhood of Windsor Village and am a permanent resident of the area. I serve on board on the Neighborhood City Council representing our Windsor Village district, and have wanted to become more involved on the local level, amongst my neighbors.


In my spare time, I love making matcha latte concoctions, learning about beauty chemistry, and hanging out with my mini goldendoodle, Kimchi.

Marilyn Batchelor


I am expressing interest in serving on the board of the Windsor Village Association.  I have lived in the neighborhood as a homeowner since 1999.


My background has been a mix of marketing in the music industry and service.

After nearly 20 years working in the music industry, I transitioned into another passionate space - service.  I returned to school again, to earn a master's in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and several years later, a year in clinical pastoral education to join the spiritual care team at St. John' Hospital, Santa Monica as a staff chaplain.


I wish to serve on the board as a dedicated member, helping to improve and clean up my neighborhood.  I take great ownership, seeking to get speed bumps, clean the park, the streets and find a solution to the growing homeless population in our immediate spaces.  Other concerns are the partnerships with law enforcement to keep the area safe and be a supportive neighbor when there are others in need.


I take the role of service to heart, believing we are our sister's and brother's keepers.