Betty Fox (current Board member)

I have lived in Windsor Village since 1969 and am not planning on moving  away for a long, long time, if ever. Windsor Village is ideally located for my lifestyle and interests and I am a strong believer in the importance of maintaining a safe and comfortable community of diversity. Prior to the legal formation of the WVA in 2008, I served as Treasurer of the previous neighborhood organization, Windsor Village Community Association (WVCA), which morphed into the WVA. From 2009-2016, I served as Treasurer of the WVA and chose not to run in 2017. 

In 2018 I was asked to rejoin the Boad to fill the vacancy of resigning Treasurer. 

I like continuing to help keep the WVA well-funded. (For the past five years, I have been pursuing donations from the production companies fiming within the Windsor Village boundaries.) I welcome any suggestions about how to best use our funds for the benefit of Windsor Village. 


Ginger Tanner (current Board Member)

I have been a resident of Windsor Village for forty years and have seen many changes over these years. One of the wonderful things about this special neighborhood is the sense of community.  I would like to see Windsor Village retain this sense of community and the quality of the neighborhood and its environment. 

To that end, I joined the Windsor Village Association Board four years ago and have served as secretary. This last year, I was also a member of the Block Party Committee.  I would like to renew my term on the board to continue to work for the betterment of the community. 

Thank you for your consideration.


Julie Kim (current Board Member)

I have lived in Windsor Village over 21 years.  Windsor Village is cozy hometown, with beautiful historical preservation houses, has Harold Henry Park and friendly neighbors. During the Windsor Village Block Party, many Korean residents asked me to continuously stay as a board member to assist Korean-Americans in the neighborhood. (Koreans are about one third of Windsor Village).  WVA demonstrated “Good Teamwork” in organizing the Windsor Village Block Party, Community Meeting with LAPD & CD4 at Harold Henry Park, and I appreciate all of WVA board members who sincerely care for our neighborhood.  Thank you and have nice day.


Jeff Estow

I am a native Angeleno (grew up in Pacific Palisades in the 70/80s) who returned to Los Angeles after 21 years away (in San Francisco and Boston).  Our family moved into the neighborhood in June 2018 residing at S. Victoria Blvd. We love the neighborhood and the kids especially appreciate Harold Henry Park.  We have attended several of the WVA events and appreciate the representation from CD4. I look forward to serving on the board.

Chris Urner

I have been a resident of Windsor Village since approximately 1999 with first my wife Regina, and now with my two children Andrew and Christina. I absolutely love the charm of this community and consider it one of the gems of Los Angeles. It has definitely changed for the better during this time, as it is now common when going to the park to seek lots of families and people out walking dogs - something which has grown over time. In 2005, I moved out of the area to Las Vegas due to work. I fortunately made the good decision to rent out our condominium rather than sell it, allowing our family to move back into this great community again in 2011. 

I was involved in institutional finance for about 20 years and am now an attorney.  I look forward to serving on the board and appreciate the opportunity.


Maggie Clancy

We moved here about 3.5 years ago - I was very pregnant with our second daughter and we'd been casually looking for a new home, but nothing felt right. When we pulled down the street, I knew this would be the house that would make me write a tear-jerker letter to the owner about raising our kids here, frequenting the park and putting a swing up in the big magnolia tree in the front yard. We did write that letter, we thankfully got the house, and we've done all of the above and more. From parties at the park to bake sales in our yard and plenty of neighbor playdates, we couldn't be happier to call this neighborhood home, and I'd love the chance to continue to help fostering that sense of community here.

Windsor Village Association Board Election 2019 Candidates

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